We're passionate about one thing... creating a better tomorrow

We believe in power that can help our planet and give each of us a peace of mind in our ever changing world today, at the lowest price possible!

Lithium Batteries Direct is dedicated to making battery backup and renewable energy accessible and affordable to the world!

Meet the Team

This is a family that is dedicated to helping your family find peace of mind through energy storage and more!

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Taunie Davidson

Customer Service & Web Manager

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Landon Rasmussen

Sales Leader & Information Director

What we offer

We offer a wide variety of green energy products. From Battery Backup systems,  Lithium Power Walls, to Hybrid Battery Storage, and Portable Power Stations. All these products and more are here to ensure a hassle-free, energy-saving experience.

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Lowest Prices Guarenteed

We not only stand by our products, but we stand by our prices! We guarantee high quality product, for the lowest price!

Having access to reliable energy storage or battery backup shouldn't break the bank. We believe that everyone should be able to afford peace of mind with lithium battery technology.

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